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Hey There, New Here!

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Hello all! I joined a while ago but I haven't had a chance to post an into until now.

My name is Lys, I'm from MA and I have a Greyhound, Wally (yeah, not a bulldog, I know), and a pit bull/Akita mix that was given to me by Chris Fraize as a "foster" after him trying to convince me for 3 or 4 months that this was the dog for me. After a week of "fostering" I knew he was the dog for me . . . Chris knew that WAY before I did, dumb of me not to listen.

Either way, I am training Mike Hunt (yes, that's his name) for personal protection, and he's also great when it comes to agility. He's a very low-key dog in the house, but he's fun to work because he is such a challenge but once he gets something he goes all out and has fun doing it.

I have been working in the animal care field for a while, doing everything from kennel help, to managing, to reception, to liaison for a big hospital, to grooming, to other crazy stuff that I'm sure I'm forgetting. I am very interested in nutrition and am getting far more involved in training and I will begin apprenticing for a trainer at some point this month when her new place opens.

So yeah, my life is dogs. I'm happy with it :)
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Welcome! LOL @ Mike's name! :lol: Glad to have you here. Have any pics?
Kasco said:
Have any pics?
Why of course!! :) Here are the brindle boys:

Mike Hunt's profile shot

Mike Hunt doing a civil display (this was the weekend that I decided he was mine to keep)

And Mike Hunt snuggling a pumpkin (aka: The softer side of Mike Hunt)

And of course, my main man and snuggle bunny, Wally the Greyhound.

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Nice! Both boys are gorgeous! :D
gorgious boys, welcome!!!!
Welcome! beautiful dogs...look forward to getting to know you and the boys!
Welcome! I think I recognize you from LJ. :)
Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
Welcome! I think I recognize you from LJ. :)
Oooh you have Miss Bella . . . I definitely recognize you from LJ. HI!!!!!
Such cute dogs, the one with the pumpkin is TOO sweet! Welcome! :wave:
Aw! They both look adorable! I bet your greyhound is a real couch potato eh??? My neighbour has a greyhound, when it rains ever so slightly he cries. But I love'em anyways!
Xelleron said:
Aw! They both look adorable! I bet your greyhound is a real couch potato eh??? My neighbour has a greyhound, when it rains ever so slightly he cries. But I love'em anyways!
Both Mike and Wally are weenies when it rains. They're rediculous. I have to drag them out. Sometimes Wally will "fake me out" . . . he'll lift his leg quick, but not actually pee, and then go running for the house. Brat.

Wally is retired, and takes his retirement very seriously, so his only job now is to hold down the couch. I wanted to do bitework with him (seriously) but he ended up having 17 teeth taken out this past spring so it was a no-go. One day I'll have a personal protection Greyhound . . . one day . . .

And thanks to everyone else for the welcomes :)
I'll tell you a really funny story involving my neighbours dog Max(one of the biggest weenies I have ever met).

Well, Max and his boxer friend Nikki loved coming over to our house every other day to say sup. We were getting annoyed because Max and Nikki would NOT go home!

Anyways! This guy came up the road and went down the backroad instead of going through our main gate. He started walking up back behind our house and came around to the front. He saw me and said "HEY! YOU! COME HERE!" I looked at him like he was stupid and said "Just a Minute sir!" and he started "NO! COME HERE!!!!" I went into the barn near my mom and said "There's this guy with a clipboard wanting someone to come talk to him..." Well, Mom, Brittle, our other two dogs, Macey and Boomer walked out with Mom, saw the man and all three dogs ran over to him. (They usually run and sniff) Well, the man was stupid... he decided to kick Brittle in the face!! That made Macey mad and she snapped at his heels and Brittle started barking and Boomer was jumping around barking as well. This man started doing the 30's Charlston and freaking out! Nikki decided to join in and she was jumping up and down in place barking like it wasa game. Max came out and saw the man and decided to run 30 MPH (seriously) to go say "HI NEW PERSON!!!!" my sister ran out of the barn to try to catch Max and she yelled at the man "YOU!!!!!! STOP! STAND STILL!!!!! GOOD MAN!!!" The man did what my sister ordered, The dogs walked around him and sniffed him, Boomer peed on his shoe and all of'em walked off. I got my dad and told him this idiot was outside.

The man said to my dad that He knew it was all over when he saw Max the greyhound.. Not because of my 50 pound red nose pit, 76 pound mastiff shepard mix or the purebred 100 pound boxer! Oh no!!! Because of the friendly greyhound.....

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