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Hi all,
I'm a newbie from MO!
We currently have an 8yr old Shar-Pei/ Pit cross named Akira...she is the best dog ever!!!!!
Here's her pic...

She is VERY smart and sweet and tons of fun. She has a lot of prey drive when we take her out, so she doesn't get to play w/ strange dogs. Surprisingly she is fine w/ other dogs at home as long as they understand she's the queen. She is very motherly and attentive to any puppies we foster.

We have a little Boston Puppy here w/ us til Tues. and it's very tempting to keep him...time will tell!

I am a pet stylist by trade, but also love to draw and photograph. Feel free to visit my sites....




I work at a Healthy Pet Market in the city and LOVE my job!

I'm married w/ 2 daughters (13- 20) and we are starting up our own Alpaca Business ...2 so far. They are boarding on a nearby farm.

We also have 3 cats, 1 bunny, and 1 Hahns Macaw parrot. Yes, I know, a total zoo!

Nice to meet all of you!

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