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Hi All,

Just wanted to stop in a say hi. I'm new here. My family adopted a 4 mo. old AmStaff on Mother's Day from Dog Pack Rescue here in GA and we think we are truly blessed to have him.

Xen (full name Xendrix) has grown to 36 pounds and doubled in size but still thinks he's a little guy. He is sweet to our 6 yr old daughter, and has become friends with our little Japanese Chin who is about 1/3 his size. He's already learned to sit, lay down and shake and goes in his crate when bidden. He is a joy!!

Best wishes one and all - sure am happy to have found this site! :)

This is a picture of Xen from the day he arrived at our home -- he is a gorgeous brindle with a large white patch on his chest. He has the gentlest light brown eyes with a touch of green.

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