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Arvo all, Stacey here from WA Australia..... Ive been lloking around for a while at different forums to
see if there was any good ones out there to join and i came across this one!!! I found it so inviting, helpful
and everyone here is so friendly i just had to join....... :D
So im here to show off my pooches (my furbabies hehe)
I have Atlas he is 2 years old and he is a Bull Terrier X pitt a very smart and mischevious boy.
And the other is Taurus he is my 8 year old Bull Terrier Rescue pup, I got him just over a month ago, and
it has amazed my as why someone wouldn't want this lovely boy....... hahaha Atlas looks like a supermodel
next to him but he is the most amazing dog i have ever known. And now they are best buddies, pretty much
inseparable. Well anyways i've gone on enough...... hope to see you and chat to you soon!!!
Nice to meet you all!!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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