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Hi everyone,

Im Karl, I have just joined up. My wife, lucia, and I have two Pitbull puppies, both 5 months old. We have had them since they were three weeks. I know thats young, in the Uk where im from its not allowed, but I live in Argentina now and here its less regulated. Normally I agree they need more time with their parents but we got them from a rough zone and to be honest they were better off out of there.

When we got them they well riddled with worms and although generally healthy it took some time getting them clean of all parasites. Now they are all fine and well, growing fast, so fast the male Moto has problems in his shoulder cartilage from rapid growth and is taking medicine to help repair it.

The male, as I mentioned is Moto Felipe(AKA -Motito, Little Mo, Me-Mo, Fat Lump) and the fmale Kaya Boomer (AKA- Kiki, Kay, Brujita (little witch in spanish), Kayita). Both are adorable.

Kaya is the brains an Moto the brawn. Shes smaller but sharp as nails, she could play fetch and return in the park with a frisby since she was 3 months old (dont worry here in Argentina they were fully vacinated by that age, just in case people from UK are concerned!). Moto also, although he took a couple of weeks watching wonder woman do it before catching on.
Honestly ive never seen a dog as smart as she is, if she sees it once, she knows how to repeat it. Shame that doesnt apply to her house training habits!!

Anyway, im attaching a couple of pitcures if they are permitted for you to see them.

Currently at 5 months, Moto weighs in at around 16kg and Kaya 14kg, shes short and has a chest and shoulders on her, Moto is taller and more gangly still as he grows!

Well, there they are, so a big hi from us all!!
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