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Hello, I just ran across this Bulldogbreed website and thought I would check it out. I have a 8 1/2 month old female bully. She just finished her first heat cycle and I am looking forward to breeding her if the future..
Oh, I need help picking a name for her papers...need to get those sent off. I am terrible with names... we call her Roxy. She is a sweet, fat ball of energy!!!!!! If you have and names for me send them......

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Welcome to the board. post some pics :eek: give us more of an idea of names

Some Greek names
THELMA: means nursing
PHEBE: means sparkling
SOPHIA: means wise
KAY: means glory
CHLOE: means blooming
CRYSTAL: means sparkling
KRISTEN: means the anointed
TITANIA: means giant
NIKE: Goddess of Victory
DOREEN: means beautiful
MELENA: means yellow as canary
GINA: means well-born
IRIS: means rainbow
PAMELA: means made from honey
PANSY: means flower

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Champ_and_jas said:
I hear some hell catching on the way about this one.
So do I but I am going to assume she did all of her research about the breed and breeding a dog and backgrounds and that this is not her first time.

so Welcome!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the pretty girl.
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