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Hi I am new here.

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Hi my name is Brandie and I am fairly new here. I just got a male Boxer pup who is almost 5mths. His name is Bruno. I had a Boxer growing up and love them, Last year we had a Boxer/English Bull mix given to us, but she got lost while I was in the hospital and a friend was pet sitting. We waited 6mths but never found her. SO we just got a new pup. He is a very sweet boy. Here are a few pics.

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forgot to add that we have three girls ages 6,3, 6mths, We also have a 12 1/2 yr old female dashuand and 8yr old male cat.
Welcome! Bruno is absolutely adorable. I don't think I've seen a boxer pup as cute as him before!!
Thanks everyone. I think he is a doll.
Very cute! Now Bella you hurt Tanner's feelings! :D
Faith Marie said:
Very cute! Now Bella you hurt Tanner's feelings! :D
Tell Tanner I'm very sorry! He's still in that super-tiny, looks-like-every-other-puppy stage right now. Hehe. I bet he grows up to be the cutest dog on the forum, though! When does he get to come home?
We are hoping the first part of June. She said we could take him the end of May but he would only be around 6 weeks and I have heard it is good for them to be around mom until 8 weeks. So they will learn manners from her. Is this true? But she said she would keep him until we wanted him. So more then likely 6 1/2 more weeks. But I was just joking! I agree all puppies look so much alike. I am really hoping he doesn't turn out looking like a mutt! I really want him to look like a Boxer. Only time will tell! Of course he is coming home with me no matter what! He has already stolen my heart!
Faith Marie said:
So they will learn manners from her. Is this true?
Absolutely! We took Bella at 6 1/2 weeks of age, and it was extremely difficult to teach her bite inhibition. If we had left her with her momma and litter mates for another 2 weeks, I'm sure she wouldn't have been as much of a little alligator as she was. :)
Glad to hear this because my sister in law is wanting hers at 6 weeks and I do too but if they learn alot in those 2 weeks, I would rather him stay and learn what he needs to if you know what I mean.
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