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hi i am new

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hi i am new here an just wanted to post a pic of my dog she is about 5 r six months old.her name is brendie and boy is she growing fast....
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Welcome! She's beautiful!
heres a pic 2

hi just thought i would post a pic of myself.in this pic this gorgeous dog belongs to a friend we traveled with from my husbands job he had..i loved this dog...just to let u dog what brendies mom looks like..here i am kinda scary:)
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Brendie is a cutie pie!

OMG, you can just about sit on your hair! It's beautiful.
nice meeting yall

hi bella and care thank you care.it gets in my way all the time.hi bella nice meeting you too....yeah i love that dog and i love mine too...
My hair is down to the middle of my back - I don't think it will ever get as long as yours! :)
bella i seen your pics of your dogs how pretty i lovem:) yes my hairs so long i am thinkin about cutting it though...i need a change i have had this same hair forever...
Thank you. :) I've had the same hairstyle (long and straight) for about 8 years. I'm scared to change it!! :lol:
oh i see your in illionois sorry i can't spell..i have a very good friend there :wink: yeah i think thats why i have not cut mine scared too.you know change is scary depending on what it is..but they say change is good :)
Hey! Welcome to the forum. What a beautiful girl you have. :D
Pretty dog!!! Reminds me of Faith :) What breed is she, she's gorgeous!

thanks for all your compliments:) brendie is a mix between pit and sheperd.i used to feed her mom cause the neighbor across the street didn't care and the poor dog looked awful..brendies mom is a sheperd but the dad which i saw an still see from time to time is a brendal pit...and when her pups started walkin brendie made her way over here an we fell in love with her..and asked if we could have her..and brendie takes excellent pictures haha better than i do :wink:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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