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Hi... Newbie here

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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Carol and I am 30 years old. Me and my husband got our first pitbull 2 yrs ago and I must say he is the best!!!!!! His name is Luke, he is a rednose/redcoat and his bloodline is Lar-San. I love my boy with all my heart and he is my pride and joy. I am learning new stuff about this breed all the time. I am a resposible owner and I can't wait to get another, well my husband says it;s gonna be a while, but aI ask almost everyday. I will never own another breed. Luke ahs so much personailty and he makes me laugh everyday!

Here are a few pics. Let know what you think.

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Welcome! Luke is GORGEOUS! Post more pics :D
Welcome to the forum. What an absolutely gorgeous boy you have there. Look forward to hearing more about him (and seeing more pics!) :wink:
Good people and good times.....

Welcome! That is a nice looking boy you have there....
wow! thats beautiful :D

what do you feed that monster?
Welcome to the forums
He is very strong lookin
Thanks everyone!!!! I love him to pieces. As my husband would say I love Luke more than him!!

Grizzlybearjr--- He eats Bil-Jac. And he loves loves loves loves to run!!!!
Welcome Glad you made it over here! I just can't get enough of Luke! :D
Welcome! Nice to see you over here!
Thanks evryone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just curious, do you show him? Or plan to show him?
Don't know anything about showing. Always wondered I guess. But the breeder we got him from said he is appropaite for showing..I guess that what i wanna say.
Hi Newbie here

He his FANTASTIC looking. Welcome
He's beautiful! So serious....I love his color too!!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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