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My 15-week-old beagle puppy gets hiccups SOOO frequently. He gets them two or three times every day, and that's just when I'm around to witness it. I know it's not unusual for growing babies to get hiccups, but this seems excessive. Anyone else dealt with this before and have any ideas as to what may be going on (if anything)?
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I thought for a while there that our pup Titus would never quit doing it... it did not matter what he was doing he had the Hiccups... sleeping, eating and playing for almost 3 months then all of a sudden it stopped... I tried to figure out if something was triggering it but could never figure it out so I left it alone cause he was healthy and had no other problems....
somtimes exciment triggers it for stella and vegas but iv heard that a hicuping pup is a heathly pup so iam ok with it ! :wink:
Its a puppy thing...just like with people babies! Mine still gets them at 6 months a few times a week! I'm sure it is OK!
Tia was the same when she was a puppy, she got them 2 or 3 times a day! She hardly ever gets them now and she's still only 7 months. I guess it's something they grow out of!
Rosie is 8 months old and he gets hiccups once or twice a day. They don't last long.
April is two and still gets them about 3-4 times a week. I hope thats not something to worry about, should she have grown out of them?
nelson used to get the hiccups heaps as well. it was always so cute to see him get them but then i'd felt sorry for him coz i can't explain to him that they're hiccups and i'd want to help him get rid of them coz i know how annoying it is to get the hiccups.
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