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I often wonder how high Rudeboys drive is.

Whether he would be any use in a working environment.

Id like to think so, since he really isnt much of a pet lol.

As I said in the 'retrieve' thread he will go for hours and hours when playing fetch. He has not once stopped playing before I have. When watching him do this you would be forgiven for thinking he has good drive, he really does get on with it like its all business, not so much a game; although everything to him is a game in some sense.

When he has seen a cat in our garden he has gone apeshit trying to get it, bashing into the fence, trying anything to go after it.

I deinitely dont think he is high energy as he knows when to be active and when to rest; thank god. Since he is exercised rigourously he rarely does zoomies or asks for exercise or attention.

He has absolutely no interest in flirt pole and although he loves a game of tug and will play for hours he hasnt taken to the spring pole either which is disapointing; not sure if its cus I havent got hold of the other end or because we were away from our home when we tried spring pole but he just didnt get it; maybe if I set one up where he is more at home ie in our garden then he would get into it, not sure.

He is pretty good at doing weightpull once he gets started, but if I leave it a few weeks between sessions then getting started and reminding him he can pull can take quite long.

Once he gets going he really enjoys this.

I would say he is medium drive and medium energy but am not really sure what I am basing this on lol.
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