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Ok im not scared just kidding lol. SO about 15 minutes ago I wake up to hear rex barking VERY loud( which he never does this late) . So im thinking oh boy he has to go to use the bathroom so I put all my clothes on. I get to the front door where is crate is and it was WIDE open. I said holy crap thats why he barking like that. So i ask dh did u know the door is open. He said no but like 10 minutes prior to me waking up he thought he heard it open Rex stated barking when the door opened. It seems he didnt close it hard enough. I took Rex outside to use the bathroom and he didnt have to go and started heading for the door. I put him back in his crate and now he is quiet lol. I wanna say I am HAPPY we have rex because if not we would have never known it opened up. Maybe a mere coinsedance but I want to think he was telling me it was open :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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