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hormone aggressive or future problems?

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hi im new here sorry if this question has been over asked. but i am at wits end and need help please.

i have an 11mth olde Victorian Bulldogge (not neutered) how tries to be alpha male in the dog parks or wherever he can be. otherwise he just wants love from everyone he meets. he just wants to be petted and loved. I want to stud him once and have received offers and plan to neuter him shortly after. want his legacy to continue.

when he was coming of age he was humping anything until he got put in his place many times by dogs who wouldnt stand for it. now he tries for the smaller ones or even pups, and at the dog park he will strictly focus on them and try to hump and if they refuse the situation can get out of hand fast.

i have used the collar with the prongs, tried the obedience school techniques i have learned. but it just becomes too much and in some ways kind of like uh oh what happens if he gets the dog in the wrong way.

my dog is nothing but pure love but it seem when his hormones kick in, its go time for him. Many people have stated he is still a puppy, he is hormone intense and these things will change drastically once he calms down from the neuter.

please help...because trying to hold back a 100lb bully cant get out of hand at times..

any help will be much appreciated.
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well i have been going to this park since he was two months,
i want to breed him cus i want to have his line continue.

is that not ok?
thank you for the response. i actually am still in contact with the breeder and my dog was recently at a show and has received his points. and it is a breeder not just some person i am breeding him with.

i have been taking him to the park has a pup to socialize because i want him to be able to play with the other dogs. he has been great until his puberty has kicked in. since the over aggression has started i have stayed away from the park with the intent to bring him back once neutered. i tried the park again yesterday but it didnt work out too well.

there are many dogs that are in the park and he knows his role and place, just i want to ask you guys know if this is based on hormones due to not being neutered or is this a potential futuree problem? if so what else can i do to calm this or train to have him understand.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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