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Hose-play or swimming

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This may be a dumb question.... So, I understand that bathing a dog too often (with soap/shampoo) is bad for their skin. What about swimming in a pool or playing with the hose?
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Not sure about the hose, but I know with swimming, rinse the dog afterwards. the chlorine has a harsh effect on the dogs coat after a few swims, and worsens without treatment.

I also heard recently, that a water/vinegar solution rinse on your dog can CURE dry skin-YES CUR IT!!

Dixies skin seems dry, I plan on trying this. Just hope she doesnt smell like a pickle when she is done!!Lol.

ive tried vinegar on bryn 8) i used cider vinegar diluted with water i spray it on him but he doesnt like it :wink: but it is suppose to good for the skin so i was told :p
So do you just mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle?? I am going to try it!!
i wash angel like once a month and her coat and skin are fine. I havn't gotten a chance to bring her swiming yet though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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