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I'm new to this but thrilled that it's available!

We've had Rufus, a 5 month old bulldog pup, for almost three months now. We love him dearly and he is a real clown! With that said, there are several challenges:

1. He's not yet housetrained. We live in an elevated building on the 5th floor. It is impossible to get him from his bed in the morning to the elevator without having an accident somewhere in between- despite running. He's now too heavy for us to carry him all of the time. I admit that we probably aren't doing 110% of what we are supposed to towards successive housetraining but he seems to have no routine or warning signs. He occassionally will circle and we know to immediately take him out but other times he just squats and goes wherever he is. The only place he will not go is the kitchen (not on paper or wee wee pads either)- where he is gated during the day and where his food/bed is. Otherwise, the place is his toilet, free reign!

2. My husband is a teacher and has been home with Rufus the entire time he's been with us. This is the first week where both of us (I took some time off) have gone back to work full time. We hired a dog walker to come in during the day and take him out for one hour. She says his behavior is fine though she can't get him to the elevator without an accident. However, we see a big change in his behavior. What was once a pretty docile pup is no barking, growling, and literally lunging towards us- he will bite any part of us he can get too. We let him on the bed Monday night (his first day alone) just for a little late pre-bedtime cuddle (probably something we shouldn't do) and he pee'd in our bed!

3. Needless to say, he is STUBBORN and does not listen to anything. He is obsessive about going behind this one chair to chew the computer wires. We gate it and yet he manages to get through it the minute we turn away.

Will this ever end or do I just have to resign myself to a lifetime of this? ANY advice would be so very much appreciated!

He is still on dry, Science Diet puppy food. Someone suggested that there is too much sugar in it and we should consider switching to wet food and it might make him drink less water/have less accidents. Any validity to that?


[email protected][url=http://upload4.postimage.org/pets/dogs/bulldog_breeds/1150080/pet.html][IMG]http://upload4.postimage.org/1150080/Rufus5.jpg[/IMG][/url]
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