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HOW do i ADD a GIF ?

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I have saved a PS .GIF file > my problem is now i have no idea how to save that to my signature.
i have saved it to photobucket but the links only shows the first image, do i need to save it somewhere first before adding it so that it plays?
It does not play as a gif in photobucket or imageshack - it only plays in PS?
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This is what happens when i save it as an attachment - as u can see it saves it as a jpg?


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You need to make sure that when you save it in PS, it is playing and from the drop down, you select .gif.
yeh - it plays in PS - save it as a .gif - but i dont know how to load the .gif on to here or if i have to host it somewhere first.
save the file as a .psd and email it to me. Make sure it has all the layers ready. I'm pming you my email address.
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