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How do I get Patch to stop jumping up on me ALL THE TIME!!!?

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When he was a little puppy... it was ok... I didn't mind him jumping up on me all the time.

But the kid is getting bigger, and quite frankly, I can't handle the weight of his jumping!
He almost knocks me out!!!!!!!!!!! It happens almost EVERY time he sees me.... I can understand when it's first thing in the morning, or when I get home from work (he's excited to see me) but even if I go into the kitchen, he will follow me... and jump up on me a million times... and he's also jumping up the cupboards and smells the kitchen bench.

I tell him no and put him down... but he just goes ahead and does it again!! and again!!!

How can I discipline him to only jump up when I call him to!?
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I think I need one of those collar things as well, Rex wont jump on me but he will strangers and I hate that, they say they dont mind but I think its rud eto just sit there and let your dog jump on people.
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