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How do I get Patch to stop jumping up on me ALL THE TIME!!!?

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When he was a little puppy... it was ok... I didn't mind him jumping up on me all the time.

But the kid is getting bigger, and quite frankly, I can't handle the weight of his jumping!
He almost knocks me out!!!!!!!!!!! It happens almost EVERY time he sees me.... I can understand when it's first thing in the morning, or when I get home from work (he's excited to see me) but even if I go into the kitchen, he will follow me... and jump up on me a million times... and he's also jumping up the cupboards and smells the kitchen bench.

I tell him no and put him down... but he just goes ahead and does it again!! and again!!!

How can I discipline him to only jump up when I call him to!?
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We were told by our trainer the knee thing was not the thing to do, I don't know why...She told us that when your dog jumps on you, turn around and don't touch the dog at all. If you touch the dog in any way shape or form with your hands, the dog thinks it has done something good, and will continue to do it. She said to just turn around/away from the dog.

Not saying the knee thing is wrong...just giving you another suggestion.
I freakin' love Rosco.

I thank God that Atticus doesn't jump AT ALL.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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