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how long until nelson starts lifting his leg to pee??

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Nelson is 7mths now and he still squats when he pees. its not really a problem for me but everyone laughs at him when he does a wee and i'm just looking out for him and need ways to defend his squatting :)

I have been told by some people that if the doesn't have another male dog around him he might not ever know to lift his leg. and i've been told by others that its instinct that once he grows older he will do it in his own time. and then others have said that when he pees, i have to lift his leg up for him to show him. i can't see how thats gonna work coz that would just distract him and he'd be like "let go mum, i'm trying to pee!!"

also nelson doesn't pee AT ALL when we go on walks. he stops and smells alot of poles and grass patches where other dogs have peed but he doesn't pee at all himself. is that normal? my parents dog (a chow chow) used to pee at every pole and bush wen we took him for walks.

oh yea and when we go for walks how long should i let nelson smell other dogs pee for? he normally stops for a smell and its really hard to pull him away from the patch that hes smelling. so i think maybe i should let him smell it for a while? i really don't know. stupid question i know but i just want to bring him up right.
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Funny, Boomer is 11 months and still squats, and also never pees outside, one time pooped, and I praised him. He also smells other spots I guess and smells them real good and I have to pull hard to get his attention away from it. He's also a very calm dog though... when we walk along the sidewalk of peoples backyards, other dogs come running and barking at the gate, and he just looks at them and keeps walking, sometimes pauses to sniff them.

I guess he has a little of my attitude.... he doesnt care, lazy, and hard headed haha.
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