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How many litters?

  • 1 litter a year

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  • 2-4 litters a year

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  • 4-8 litters a year

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  • 8-12 litters a year

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Tia said:
Do u guys know how breeders out there that are considered EHTICAl breeders have more then 1 litter a year??? i dont think number can be put on the label. Really check out websites,souzas,white bandits,joshua,boyds. All have more then 1 litter a year but do have more then 1 bitch as well.. I dotn think number of litters of number of dogs have anything to do with it
A BYB to me is a person who breeds for money, and their dogs are not bettering the breed. ex Bad conformation,health,working... etc.. I want to see that the breeder has prven their dogs,therefore proved the puppies and have a consistent good litter. I want a proven breeder as well.
When breeders offer "pick of the litter" i think its a sales pitch. If you are a consistenly good breeder breeding good proven dogs. Then the whole litter should be awesome not just a few. If less then half are not good pups then the litter shouldnt be repeated!!!
I agree. I wasn't willing to vote, because IMO the dog(s) that have been tested and worked and produce OFA Excellent, NCL clear, excellent conformation dogs with stable temperments should be bred as seen fit (how long is the line waiting for a pup from said breeder...) I know when I got Fina it was by chance, and I had been talking to several breeders over several years before deciding upon her.

IMO a good breeder has to start somewhere (years of research and work) move into breeding (fostering or working with a mentor) and then finding a line that will give them the results they are looking for. After that, if they have 1 2 or 3 litters a year *with proven titled dogs THAN SO BE IT. There would be a line out the door waiting for those dogs to be born.

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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