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So how much does everyone feed their dogs?
Orson is now getting 2 cups of DVP AM and 2 cups PM.
Too much???
He's not really very active since it's so hot out.

I think Orson might be fat...doesnt look it but i can't easily feel his ribs.
I know just being 5 pds overweight is not good for his bad knees :(
Here's some pics (not very good just trying to show body weight)


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Orson is gorgious, nonetheless
Thank you!!

I read on another board that alot of people just feed 2-3 cups a day
of high quality food. Going to cut back on our food.

You can just start to make out Chapps ribs in that pic and i think that is what
is supposed to happen. He looks good.
Always read: better for them to be a little underweight than a little

I guess with so much English bulldog genes in him, he's more suseptable to getting pudgy. :?

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Sounds like the activity level makes the food amount go up.
Orson will get a 40 min. walk a day when it's not humid. Havent walked him
much lately due to 100 degree weather so we play fetch alot in house or late at nite
I dont think he needs 4 cups a day with low activity
If I had to feed my dog three cups at a time I'd move to a more potent food.
I would guess that DVP is high quality food and i dont HAVE to feed him that much,
i just do cause the bag told me to!! :wink:

How bad are his knees???? Are you giving him treats too???
He gets a few treats a week, he'd rather have a squeeky ball as a treat.
And i noticed last nite he limped for a few minutes, the vet said his other knee will eventually need
surgery and i cant do anything to prevent it (already had one knee surgery).

Thanks for all the input!! I am glad to hear that if i only feed him 2-3 cups/day he won't starve to death!!

I like Bogart's new signature...cute!! :)
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