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how much food

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Hi folks Millie is 1 year old now, Im just wondering do I feed her twice a day still as shes not eating as much anymore ? Anyone any ideas?
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Yes - for adult dogs with normal metabolism, twice a day is appropriate. How much they get at each feeding will vary based on the dog and the kind of food.

Puppies eat bigger quanities than adults of the same size consult with your vet
I agree. The higher the quality of food, (usually) the less you have to feed due to nutritional density.

I would base it off of how fast your dog eats. If it is inhaling the food, feed more frequently. If your dog eats at a normal speed, twice a day sounds good.

I feed Zeus 3x a day, because he inhales it. I even put some golf balls in his food so he has to move them around to eat slower. I also like handling him while he eats, so he is not possessive with his food.

Good good very goos. Thanks for that
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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