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We get a lot of people asking where we get our cool signatures/banners. Here is the place to request one. This will allow it to be easily found. :)

Also as per Roxy:

Please can we stick to size of :

550x150 for banners
150x150 for avatars

Most of you have the sizes correct, but sticking a full size picture in your signature messes up the forum, making the posts hard to read, I have pm'd ppl whom this relates to.

If you need a banner/avatar making please ask, as quite a few of us are willing to do so.

Thank you

How to Add the banner to your signature:
Step 1: Go to your profile:

Step 2: Enter the link to your image and the img tags as shown below:

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click Submit:

Helpful hints:
Your image has to be hosted on a website, you cannot link directly from your computer. Some good ones are www.Photobucket.com , www.Imageshack.us and www.Putfile.com

There should be NO spaces in the signature.

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Re: hausmommy

badge said:
Could you tell me why when I go into some forums it says I cannot access these forums due to my status?
If you can post here, then you should have access to the rest of the forum. If not, please PM root as he is the only one who can change forum permissions.

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Re: call me stupid

NovemberRain said:
ok, i still cannot figure out the signature thing!! I would like to have a pic of my Bacon on there but am totally lost, some please help me!!
First of all, do you have an account with a picture hosting site?

If not, go to www.photobucket.com and set one up. It free
and easy. Once you do that, click upload photo. Then select
the location of the pic on your computer. Once you do it will upload

It will then ask if you want to add tags or anything. Just click "skip this step".
Next, back at the main photobucket page scroll down and you should see your pic.

Click the edit button and make sure you resize it to the appropriate size.
550X150 pixels for signatures or 150X150 for avatars.
It can be smaller than this but not bigger.

Now click "replace original". Next click the "img" code below.
It should automatically save and will highlight yellow.

Now go back to your profile in BDB and under signatures
in the "img" blank, right click and hit paste. It should paste
your code in there. Click save or submit and that should do it!

Saying this from memory so if ya have problem post
back and I'll help ya again.

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For that you'll need a photo editing program like Photoshop or Corel.
You can post a request in the member artwork forum for someone
to make one for you. Just post some pics and give an idea of what
you want or you can pm me some pics and ideas and I'll do it for ya.

Either way, unless you've worked with those kinds of programs you'll
go crazy trying to learn all the functions. If you wanted to give it a try
yourself and don't have a program you can go to download.com and
download a trial version and play around with it.
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