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How to get a dog to unlatch?

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After yesterdays training session Storm was attacked by an Amstaff bitch running offlead on the bush track we were on. The first I knew it was there was when I heard something running at us from behind, I turned and here was this Amstaff charching from a few metres away.

It went straight in to grab her head and Storm latched on under her throat. Storms only a little staffy weighing about 14kilos but she had this dog squealing. At first I thought it was going to kill Storm being a larger bull breed but all she recieved was a few grazes on her head.

We tried lifting Storms back legs but she would not let go, using her prong to tighten on her throat she still wouldn't let go.

Does anyone have a sure fire, quick method of getting a dog to let go? I've heard of breaking sticks but being in Australia I can't find any here.
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I have a wooden walking cane with a hook end and no tip on the bottom. The end portion
is rounded into a point. I saw it in a goodwill store and thought it would be perfect for
a breaking stick. I keep it in the living room just in case because of Clara's food
possession. Have never had to use it as Clara has always broke away when told. But
that is because she is with "her dogs". If she were outside and it was a strange dog,
I am sure she would latch on. I do take it on walks, just in case. People probably think
I have done something to my leg/foot but hey, it is better to be prepared than sorry. I think
lifting the back legs needs to be done with both dogs and then pull both dogs backward,
if I remember correctly from a previous post. We had an excellant post on this on the
other forum, I will see if I can find it and post it for you and others to read.
OK, here is the site I posted the other sites info in. Hope it helps. :D

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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