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A monthly newsletter will be starting in the coming months. The newsletter will contain interesting threads that members may have missed within the site.

This will be sent to members who have opted to receive the newsletter during their registration to the site. If you don't remember if you opted in, you can check through your User CP. Click on Edit Options on the left side menu.

Font Rectangle Electronic device Screenshot Parallel

Under the second heading, Messaging & Notification is the Newsletter Settings option.

Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Handwriting

Click the Newsletter Settings option to edit your preferences.

Font Parallel Screenshot Number Rectangle

Confirm your email address in the top box, then choose the Monthly Newsletter option. Submit your preference.

If You Would like to Unsubscribe

Follow the steps above, and then deselect all the options in the Newsletter Settings. Submit your preference.

There is also an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of every Newsletter you receive in your email inbox.

This section is for tutorials. If you have any further questions, please use Bulldogbreeds.com Tech Support section.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.