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Hyper puppy....is this normal....

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Sorry to be a pain and ask another question so soon :oops:
Ok here goes, I understand puppies get excited and tho annoying i understand the biting however she can get out of control :shock:
It starts from about 7pm and lasts approx 2hrs, she charges round the house and garden jumping at people and biting them. She jumps onto the chairs and bites whoever is on them, she is told no and put back down but she keeps coming back and after a few times being told no lifts her bum and barks non stop, she will then charge off. She is playing with her toys whilst doing this and i'm not sure if it's over excitment. she has exercise in the garden thru the day so it's not lack of exercise but to be honest it's the biting that's more of a problem. The 2 youngest have many scratch and bite marks from this and i have tryed saying NO, smacking her nose and squirting her with water but she just barks it's like the more she is told off the more she does it and the more hyper she gets....
As the kids are quite young she doesn't respond to them and bless them they try so hard, keeping still, not putting arms in the air anything to try to calm her but they just end up sitting targets :shock:
Is this usual behaviour ? my last 2 dogs were never this excitable so not sure if it's a breed thing or if i just had 2 unasually calm pups before :lol: :lol:
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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