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hi everyone
i have a new ebt x and since i have had her she has been really placid and soft, and today i went to the vet to get her one of them worming tablets. I fed her it wrapped up in a piece of ham as i was told and tonight about 4 hours later she has been really hyper active :shock: , meen she is really energetic and will not settle like dashing about, jumping up on the sofa Pinching tissues out of the box lol and isnt eating the food i put out and usually she munches it down straight out.
so i was wondering if anybody knows if it has anything to do with the worm tablet? if anybody has any ideas please let me know.

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What do you feed her? most dog foods nowadays contains way too much protein!

I rememeber them days of when they spazz out, fly around the house and at the speed of light *awww*........I changed Roxy diet (a few times now) she's now on a low protein dog kibble, Burns chicken and brown Rice for adults. Sje's much calmer.
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