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Hahah so after all these years of Bowser losing his hair and having health problems, I finally bit the bullet and had a $200 thyroid test done on him.

Got the results today! Vet says that he is not only hypothyroid, but significantly so! Wow! She was surprised too. He is not even 4 years old yet.

He gained almost 10 pounds in 3 months! Insanity. And his hair is getting worse every day.

So what started out as Alopecia, is actually Hypothyroidism. Vet even wants before and after pictures for the clinic since he is super textbook in his symptoms.

My poor baby! Do you guys have any experience with this condition? Are the meds expensive? Not looking forward to this. Hahah.

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The price of the meds will depend on dosage. If youcan get the correct dosage in one pill then it will be much cheaper. You can buy generic thyroid meds for humans in the US for as little as $4 a month. Name brands run about $30 per month. Unfortuately, I have significant personal experience with thyroid issues and meds.
Kung Pao has been on thyroid meds for about 3 years. My husband and Kung Pao both have the exact same medicine. Strangely though Kung Paos dosage is about 100 times my 285 pound husbands. Same price for both......$4 per month.

Since we have gotten his thyroid right Kung Pao no longer looks like a pot bellied pig. His fur is coming back silky and full except his tail :(
Been pretty much a non issue since we started medicating him,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kung Pao!
Awwww, geee - so sorry he is going through this. Give him hugs for me.
Thanks everyone! Will give hugs from everyone. He's such a big suck. Can't wait to start the meds. I am looking forward to getting his energy back, and having his health improve. Maybe we can even go to a cheaper food!

Really I would just be happy to have his fur regrow.

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I'm surprised they didnt test for it first. Out here the vets test for that first if the symptoms could be part of it . Just glad that now he will be on the mend!!!
I know, ME. Well he's really young, and it was only until recently that he started becoming lethargy, pale gums, weight gain. I bet it started out as Alopecia and then something triggered the thyroid to falter. Who knows?

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So Bowz has been on the meds for 3 days now and his symptoms are significantly worse. Tried to take him for a walk yesterday and he moves at a snails pace. He doesn't even get excited about his meals (this was the highlight of his day before) and even refuses treats!

I am so worried about my once 3x a day walking, food begging, snuggly boy. He simply sleeps all the time.

He also has very pale gums, and wheezes after walking upstairs. He can't seem to exert any energy.

So hypothyroid dogs typically get worse before better? :( :( :(

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Speaking from personal experience, I know that it can take some time to get the dosage right. His reaction seems a bit intense to me and I would consult the vet. I do wish you the very best. Things will get straightened out and he will be back to his old self soon.
I agree, stop the pills and call the vet. Normally they start at the lowest dose then work their way up to find the right dose
I know this may be WAY OUT THERE, but has he been checked for worms/heart worms?

Sending lots of hugs.
Hey there girl-friend :cool: I am so sorry, but glad you found out that it is something highly treatable . . . call your vet right away as far as him not acting better, better safe than sorry. . . *****I'm on a high dose of Armour for my Thyroid but am realizing as my dosages go up & symptoms come back that I am also dealing with my adrenals which can cause thyroid problems, as far as people go, you need iodine & vitamin D, either low will cause problems and coconut oil helps a lot of people with thyroid problems . . . (I was way low in D, and hormones) the normal doctor prescribed synthetics like synthroid and levothyroxine do not work for me . . . basically they are giving your body T4 to convert to T3, if your body has trouble converting, those are not going to work, adding T3 or going with a natural pig thyroid like Armour which has more T3 than human seems to work better for me . . . ***** Sorry to throw all this stuff at you but I have been fighting this for almost 20 years and just want you to know that there might be other options & reasons for problems, if something seems to not work, keep digging . . . so many things affect each other: pituitary, adrenals, thyroid, hormones . . . sugars, grains, carbs, caffeine, nicotine, stress, all bad, certain fresh vegies can deplete your iodine, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower . . . if things don't seem to be straightening up, facebook message me & we will dig . . . often animal medications follow people but seem to be years behind, if it's not working for Bowz we will look for something/someone updated . . . ***** our Quarter Horse mare sierra was hypo, her meds were a few dollars a month, the test was about $40, meds were like $30 and lasted 6 months, she got better and after a couple years was able to go off the meds and never did get that heavy again . . . good luck, hang in there & BIG hugs!!!! Jo
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Hey all! Thanks for all the info.

He's all clear for worms and heart worms. Healthy as can be otherwise. My vet simply said, "man, he's a weirdo!" And laughed a bit. ;)

So we took a mini vacation to the cottage for a change of pace. We are 5 days into meds and his energy is back! He's excited about his food and although he doesn't want to walk, he's being an annoying bugger, and the wheezing has ceased.

Vet put him on a very small dosage (pink pills of Thyro-Tabs), and I think there is an adjustment period. It's a hormone after all. I guess it takes some time to build it up.

Also, I am keeping a photo diary of Bowsers progress. I will post it as a thread on here to give other members some insight to Hypothyroidism. Bowser is apparently a textbook case, according to the vet, even though he is super young. :)

Thanks again all!!!

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Hey Queen - how is Bowser still doing?
He's doing great! Almost a month into meds and his energy is fantastic! He actually wanted to run yesterday in our second 45min walk of the day!

Skin is still being weird...funny ringworm like patches pop up now and again, and he has itchy mosquito bite allergies, but I guess that has to do with the weakened immune system.

He's still losing his hair, but we probably need to readjust the meds before the hair starts to grow back.

I'd post pictures but the app won't let me (iPhone or IPad). :-S

Thanks for thinking of us!

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Good to hear that he is getting better. Give him a hug for me. :)
Bowser Back to Normal... almost! ;)

Hey All! It's been a while since I've been on the forum. Kinda missed you guys! ;) We have been making exceptional progress with Bowser. His weight is down again, his thyroid levels are great, and the majority of his hair is back! Here is the transformation:

Before the drugs.

After about 3 months at the cottage!

Happy boy!

Hilariously enough (yes... everything is now funny to us, because he is such a genetic mess), he not only has Hypothyroidism, but I think he also has Flank Alopecia, which was our original diagnosis. *sigh*

So the hair still not has returned on his sides. Maybe they will one day, but honestly, we are so happy his health is back to normal! :)
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:) He is looking great. So glad that he is doing better and feeling better.
Also glad that you have the weight of this off of your mind.
oh im so glad hes better. there are some things you can try for the alopecia
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