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Hahah so after all these years of Bowser losing his hair and having health problems, I finally bit the bullet and had a $200 thyroid test done on him.

Got the results today! Vet says that he is not only hypothyroid, but significantly so! Wow! She was surprised too. He is not even 4 years old yet.

He gained almost 10 pounds in 3 months! Insanity. And his hair is getting worse every day.

So what started out as Alopecia, is actually Hypothyroidism. Vet even wants before and after pictures for the clinic since he is super textbook in his symptoms.

My poor baby! Do you guys have any experience with this condition? Are the meds expensive? Not looking forward to this. Hahah.

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Kung Pao has been on thyroid meds for about 3 years. My husband and Kung Pao both have the exact same medicine. Strangely though Kung Paos dosage is about 100 times my 285 pound husbands. Same price for both......$4 per month.

Since we have gotten his thyroid right Kung Pao no longer looks like a pot bellied pig. His fur is coming back silky and full except his tail :(
Been pretty much a non issue since we started medicating him,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kung Pao!
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