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Hahah so after all these years of Bowser losing his hair and having health problems, I finally bit the bullet and had a $200 thyroid test done on him.

Got the results today! Vet says that he is not only hypothyroid, but significantly so! Wow! She was surprised too. He is not even 4 years old yet.

He gained almost 10 pounds in 3 months! Insanity. And his hair is getting worse every day.

So what started out as Alopecia, is actually Hypothyroidism. Vet even wants before and after pictures for the clinic since he is super textbook in his symptoms.

My poor baby! Do you guys have any experience with this condition? Are the meds expensive? Not looking forward to this. Hahah.

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Hey there girl-friend :cool: I am so sorry, but glad you found out that it is something highly treatable . . . call your vet right away as far as him not acting better, better safe than sorry. . . *****I'm on a high dose of Armour for my Thyroid but am realizing as my dosages go up & symptoms come back that I am also dealing with my adrenals which can cause thyroid problems, as far as people go, you need iodine & vitamin D, either low will cause problems and coconut oil helps a lot of people with thyroid problems . . . (I was way low in D, and hormones) the normal doctor prescribed synthetics like synthroid and levothyroxine do not work for me . . . basically they are giving your body T4 to convert to T3, if your body has trouble converting, those are not going to work, adding T3 or going with a natural pig thyroid like Armour which has more T3 than human seems to work better for me . . . ***** Sorry to throw all this stuff at you but I have been fighting this for almost 20 years and just want you to know that there might be other options & reasons for problems, if something seems to not work, keep digging . . . so many things affect each other: pituitary, adrenals, thyroid, hormones . . . sugars, grains, carbs, caffeine, nicotine, stress, all bad, certain fresh vegies can deplete your iodine, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower . . . if things don't seem to be straightening up, facebook message me & we will dig . . . often animal medications follow people but seem to be years behind, if it's not working for Bowz we will look for something/someone updated . . . ***** our Quarter Horse mare sierra was hypo, her meds were a few dollars a month, the test was about $40, meds were like $30 and lasted 6 months, she got better and after a couple years was able to go off the meds and never did get that heavy again . . . good luck, hang in there & BIG hugs!!!! Jo
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