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I am catching up re: Foods for my new Staffordshire Terrier

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Someone who breeds them suggested Wysong or Flint River. Anyone please help me grade them. If not one of those is their another brand that I can buy for all of my dogs. I have 2 maltese and a cocker or should I buy a brand specifically for my new Baby. I need all the help I can get I have read and read about the bull breeds :)
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I never heard of Wysong but I know that Flint River is decent. There are no meat by products or corn in it which is always good. My sister's Cavalier does really well on it and he is really sensitive to many foods.
The grading system isn't always the best way to choose a food. It does help if you're unfamilliar with food though. Just looking through the thread can give you ideas on foods. There's lots of other food threads here as well, just do a search. Wysong is an amazing company, I highly recomend this food. It is a bit pricey, not only because of it's quality but because of it's packaging. Although it depends on where you are, it's a lot cheaper in the U.S.
Here's their pet protucts: Wysong

You should ask the breeder you talked to if they recomend puppy food, and if they do, until what age. Everbody's opions are different on this. Once you're pup is on a adult food, depending on your other dogs needs, they may all be able to go on the same food. There are a ton of great foods out there, look around and see what's in your area, then start to compare. :wink:
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