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OK so i'm kinda sick of vacumming my living room EVERY SINGLE DAY!
That's what i've been doing for the past few weeks.... he is shedding hair like you wouldn't believe!!!
After I vacuum, if he comes in for 5 minutes, i have a look at the rug again, and it's covered in white hair!
and then the coffee table... and the pillows....
its everywhere!
not to mention my clothes.

I wouldn't usually mind, except i've injured my back and getting on all fours to vacuum close to the rug is KILLING me!

it's gotten to the point where i dont like him in the house anymore!

Any suggestions people?
is it true that fish oil stops them from shedding?

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Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
My dogs are on very high quality kibble and supplements, and they still shed a little bit (evil needle hair...grrr!) I, too, have to sweep everyday. What are you feeding Patch right now?
Patch is on California Natural, which is supposed to be a great food.
I rotate this with Innova.

do you think it has to do with diet?

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look, there's no way i'd get rid of him just because he sheds!
i love him!

i just wanted to know if i could make my life a bit easier....

we've got tiles downstairs, but maybe i should remove the rug (which the hair just sticks to!!!!!)
but it's just too cold without the rug!

im going to try some of those furminator products!
found a place in sydney that sells them.

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bearsmom said:
Besides the supplement and food suggestions you could try brushing him daily outside with a "shedding tool". You can get this at Petco. When you brush them with this the hair will come off in sheets. You will be amazed at the amount of hair coming off. This will surely help the amount being left in the house. Here's a link to a picture of it.

i've got one of these.... it does remove heaps of hair... but still heaps in the house!!


going to try the furminator!

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Kate said:
I was just thinking about this on the way home:

Now it sounds like he is just sheding because he is a dog, but I wanted to remind you that just because he is on a good food, doesnt mean it will agree with his body. just something to possibly think about. but if that is the case there would be other signs such as his poo not being firm and small
everything else is fine. his poop is great :lol: nice and dark and firm! and not too smelly!
i'm pretty sure he's doing well on the food.

except the hair

anyways, im buying furminator on saturday.... and i've started putting omega fish oil in his food once a day!

fingers crossed!

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4NGI3 said:
i just had a look at the furminator website, and what is it that we need? the deshedding tool? what size should i get for nelson? small, medium or large?

i just vacummed the house yesterday and i have to vacuum and mop once a week because i have to vacuum to get rid of his hair and mop to get rid of the drool marks all over the tiles in the house. if i have guests over i always have to vacuum and mop before they come over because its just embarrassing. the floor looks filthy but its only because of nelson's drool. i tried mopping without vacuuming once and it was just disgusting.. little hairs stuck to the tiles all over the place!

ahh but what would i do without my nelly, i'd go insane for sure! can't live with his fur but can't live without him! :D
I HEAR YA!!!!!

I vacuum around 3 times a week now... and to do the rug i gotta get down on all 4's and press really hard with the little extension thing otherwise the hair doesn't get picked up!
it is SO frustrating... there is hair everywhere!
I found a place that sells the furminator close to my place and drove around all day saturday looking for it and i couldnt find the place! I WAS SO PEEVED!

will try again this week...... am going to call them at lunch time to clarify the address.

i'm starting to worry that perhaps its the food that's making him shed.
cos he does scratch a bit... mostly where his collar is.. and i caught him the other day biting his feet....
am i being paranoid?

He's on California Natural puppy at the moment....
sometimes i rotate with innova puppy...

it's so hard to find other foods around here that aren't eukanuba and iams and science diet!!!!!!!!!!

i've been giving him eggs about 3 times a week, and omega fish oil in his kibble every day....
i hope i'm doing the right thing!

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SugarBear said:
Patch said:
i ordered the Furminator.

It's costing me AUS $75 so it better freakin work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know what you think as soon as you try it!!
No worries, i definately will
im a little worried though that it will be a waste of money because he's got short hair....
but the website said it can be used on all dogs
i hope it works!!!!!!!
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