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I cant get my dogs in the house...

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I have tried treats ect., but Minion thinks im trying to trick him and even though hes a pig...he wont go for it. How do I get Minion to come to me while he is outside? It goes for me calling him even when im playing with him outside...or just trying to get him in the house. Inside the house, when I call for him..he comes running...so I dont get it.

I dont have this issue with Medusa..shes a good lil girl :)

Thanks guys!


PS. I do pet and verbally reward him when I FINALLY get him in the house.
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Put him on a long lead until his recall is reliable.
cry cry...I dont wanna :) LOL I guess i'll try it. I only use the leash for walks...I hope that doesnt make him think that hes going to get that kinda lead when we go around the block. Do you think that will effect that?
put him on the lead , make him sit stay, stand or knee at the length of the lead and say come minion in a happy voice, tug or pull lead to you, say Come Minion. when he does, Good Come. give him luv. repeat this excersize for a few min. this is pretty effective without treats, but treats can be used if hes too stubborn.

remember whenever your calling to him to say it in a manner that he does not think he's in trouble, or he may not come.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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