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I decided to clean

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I was cleaning the kitchen and left Willy alone in the living room, he was being unusually quiet so I decided to see why.....

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Well he just decided to put his feet up for a little while.
I was really expecting to see some pics of stuff torn all apart all over the living room.
Been there before. p.s. you are on a forum with some very spoiled poochies.
Awww, look at that handsome face.
So, what's the problem?

LOL :lol: :wink:
So what's wrong with that? :wink: He's adorable. And so comfy!
Awwww... he looks so cute and sleepy. I hope you let him stay up there! LOL
He's just helping by staying out of the way. :wink:
When i heard nothing that was my cue to go check the cell phone, remotes and anything else he thinks is a toy, and was so happy to see that I had to take a pic
Awww, SOMETIMES they can be good doggies!
And I stress SOMETIMES!
They are just mischevious angels!
Their halos are known to slip...:angel12:
AWE, He is just taking a nap time............lol
Now if Buster goes quite I know I wouldnt find him on the sofa,
rather tearing into something he shouldnt be :roll: .........lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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