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i feel theres no hope!

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IM filming my video to submit to the DOG WHISPERER...

Lola my 2 year old frenchie is a psycho brat, she wont let any of the dogs near her EVER. she attatcks and nips and growls all day....especially if she has a toy, ill take them away that doesnt help, shes queen of the house....food shell sit over a kibbel all day just to guard it...ill pick it up throw it away, shell take another one of the bowl and guard it!! HELP!!
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i would muzzel her and put her on a leash and keep her right next to u and let the other dogs come to u when she acts up a quick command on no should work but might take a wile and when feeding muzzel her and let the other dogs eat right in front of her wile she is on a leash and when she acts up correct her this is only my opion also ask peter c he might have better advise on this subject as i dont have problems with our dogs being possive
lmao, but... how do you muzzle a frenchie?
Don't give her any toys.

Feed her from your hand, if she doesn't eat, too bad.

Crate her while you feed the other dogs.

If she doesn't like water, spritz her with a bottle when she acts up.

is your dog fixed?

first off, fix your dog. This eliminates most aggression issues due to pack aggression. Not all, but most.

second, be the alpha. Why do you allow this dog to act this way? You say no, but how does it get to bite then? This dog does not respect you. You are its GOD. If GOD tells you not to act this way, you behave. If you feel some dude who gives me pets and gives me food once in awhile tells it what to do........it is going to do what it is doing now. Total disrespect to you.

Set it up. Actually, the muzzle idea, if it is extreme aggression (extreme) is a good idea. Most will not need it. I will usually put myself in front of the other dog and confront my dog........and say no staring RIGHT into his eyes. DO not flinch and stare him down for 2 or three minutes solid. Most dogs will feel very stressed when their owner does this. Now, if it persists, then jack him up calmly on his choke chain slowly and calmly so you do not damage his treachea, until he thinks you are trying to KILL him. YOU SAY "NO!" Now, you may not need to do this. This is extreme. Do not jam him. Some bullies go ape nuts when you jerk the dog when correct it. Pain means more fight.
Bottom line is this. Your dog has to respect you. That is what alpha is. RESPECT. You do not hurt the dog. Wolf Alphas do exactly enough force to get the point across.

PS. I do not think you need a muzzle with a Frechie. LOL. Just step up to the plate. Be the ALPHA. The dog MUST know you are his god. Like GOD, he can give you so much love. However, he can take your life away, too.

Bottom line. YOU ARE NOT ITS FRIEND. Friendship can ONLY happen once you have its RESPECT. Once this happens, your dogs will get along because of repect for YOU. A lot of stress and violence happen in a pack if they do not have a CLEAR alpha. This sounds, to me, a classic case.
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great post peter c couldent have said it better
what he said lol
thanks...she is fixed...and i got her when she was a litle older and she already showed signs of her aggression, ive done the crate thing...she lays in it and is in 'chill" mode then i let her out and shes on the lookout to be the boss !!!! I stand in front of her while the other dogs eat, thats worked, but im going to try the water bottle thing...and no muzzle!!! she not a red flag case!!! lol....i have also tried laying her on her side kinda of pinning her down until shes calm...so ill take all your opinions into mind thanks!! :D
just keep on trying diffrent thing till something works for u and all is well
Just separate her from the other dogs. Problem solved.
Lisa said:
Just separate her from the other dogs. Problem solved.
That's what we do with our little Chi. She hates the other dogs. She will tolerate Jazzy sometimes but doesn't like her by any strectch of the imagination. Chyna (our Chi) has a crate and when she has had enough, she retreats to her crate. I'm not about to try to force her to like the other dogs. We make sure to set time aside just for her so she doesn't feel left out.
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