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I had to use a step ladder, then climb another 10' straddling the trunk of the tree before I reached a branch...Yeah, my arms and legs are now scratched and black & blue somewhat and my chest is sore...but it was a good work out. I got up there and straddled the fork in the tree where I was mounting the parts. After I was up there, I had Lindsay throw the rope up to me. I then lowered half of it back down to her. She tied the drill/extension cord to it and I hoisted it back up. As I was drilling the hole in the branch, she tied the eye hook, the garage door spring, and the pulley to the rope and I hoisted them up. I used a screwdriver (for leverage) to screw the eye hook in to the tree branch, hung the pulley from the eye hook and ran the rock climbing rope through the pulley. I lowered all the tools back down to Lindsay, climbed out of the fork in the tree and shimmeyed my way 20' back down the tree.

So, we bring Messiah out first, thinking he's the most energetic and will enjoy it the most. He starts pulling on it and I'm holding the other end of the rope...playing tug-of-war. It's going well. His front feet are off the ground and he's still pulling...and then he lets go and the spring recoils, makes a loud sound, and the toy/rope spring up and hit the tree and fly all around. It startled him, but I got him to tug on the toy/rope again. We did this about three times, but every time he lets go, the reaction of the spring/rope/toy startles him. So, now he's tired and sceptical and done for the day.

Then, I bring out Montana (about a month pregnant remember). She has a blast! She's pulling and growling and pulling and growling....lets go and the same thing happens with the recoil, etc. But, it doesn't really bother her. So, we did this a few more times until she gets tired and done for the day.


Now, it's Mosley's turn ( older, more laid back and calm...doesn't play as much as the other two). Well, he also had a blast! He also wasn't bothered by the recoil when he had to let go. He just kept going back at it until he got tired...after about 5 times on the toy/rope. He was loving it until he tired out.

So, anyway, they all enjoyed it to certain extents. None of them were hanging from it yet, just playing tug-of-war with me. But, I did get about 4 photos of Mosley doing it...they're at home. I'll get them on this thread this evening. I put it under photos b/c I plan on adding lots of them soon. So, be patient for the photo documentation, it's coming.

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