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snarky said:
wow, i've never heard anything about stress causing blood in the stool.

poor you, i bet you were frightened... i'm glad she and you are doing much better!

About 5 years ago we had the worst thunder and lightening storm we have ever had.
It scared everyone of us. It was in the middle of the night and we all came out to the
living room wrapped up in blankets because it was so scarey. Holly, the Springer Spaniel,
got so scared that she freaked out. I had to wrap her up and cover her face and she was
still scared to death. By the next morning she was having a really bad case of diarreha
and there was alot of blood mixed in with it. We took her to the vet and found she got
herself so stressed out that it caused this problem. He put her on meds and the bland
chicken and rice diet. She did fine and it did not take any time for her to heal up. To this
day she cannot go through a storm without shaking and jumping up in your face for you
to protect her. Give Misty extra hugs.
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