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I Screwed up soooooo BAD!!!!

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I was out in my fenced in backyard one day playing with scrappy when all of a sudden some tiny little hairy mutt comes in through the fence (my brother just opened the gate) and at first Scrapps was in play mode then he got pissed off. HE ATTACKED THE MUTT. I had his harness on but with no leash, because dogs don't usually just come bounding into my backyard. Luckily he's still a puppy and has NO FIGHT SKILLS. haha. But will this mean he is corrupted to forever hating other dogs.
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Its not all your fualt on the situation too. If somones dog comes in your yard and your dog bites it or what not. Its not good niether though. You need to get him socialized asap. I can tell you the if another male got into my yard there would be a fight cuase my male is very territoial. He will only 2 dogs even come up to my fence without wigging out and that is my nieghbors male boxers. I would say the reason of that being is he has been around them since he was 6 months. Plus theres 2 of em and a lot bigger so I think he is smart enough not to get cocky.
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