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I Screwed up soooooo BAD!!!!

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I was out in my fenced in backyard one day playing with scrappy when all of a sudden some tiny little hairy mutt comes in through the fence (my brother just opened the gate) and at first Scrapps was in play mode then he got pissed off. HE ATTACKED THE MUTT. I had his harness on but with no leash, because dogs don't usually just come bounding into my backyard. Luckily he's still a puppy and has NO FIGHT SKILLS. haha. But will this mean he is corrupted to forever hating other dogs.
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LuvaBULL said:
I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm going to anyway, then I'll shut up. I don't believe your dog attacked anything. I don't believe your dog's mom died of worms. I don't believe you're worried your dog is going to be a fear biter. I don't believe you came from Chicago and moved to TX to escape BSL. I think you read through these threads, find things that grab most people's attention, and post your new "problem" for attention-seeking purposes. And to keep the heat off you for the previous threads you started, in which you were flamed pretty badly. Also to "fit in" or "belong." I think you're a nice kid, but I am just not buying a single word you say. And I think it's really strange that everybody else does. I think I must be the only clairvoyant person on this forum. And I'd also bet my life savings that I'm right. I hope you stop with your "most discussed problem of the day" and just be yourself.
I agree
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