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I Screwed up soooooo BAD!!!!

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I was out in my fenced in backyard one day playing with scrappy when all of a sudden some tiny little hairy mutt comes in through the fence (my brother just opened the gate) and at first Scrapps was in play mode then he got pissed off. HE ATTACKED THE MUTT. I had his harness on but with no leash, because dogs don't usually just come bounding into my backyard. Luckily he's still a puppy and has NO FIGHT SKILLS. haha. But will this mean he is corrupted to forever hating other dogs.
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Umm are you sure your puppy "attacked" the dog? Are you sure he wasn't just trying to play? Puppy's bite and make growling noises when they're playing. It just seems strange that your puppy would act so dog-aggressive so early. Mine is 9 months and he's still ok with other dogs. Dog-aggression doesn't usually pop up until around sexually maturity or after.
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