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I think I need a little understanding??

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Hello everyone:) I have a 2 1/2 month old pup that is part pit/bull and Duke is very playful and loves to kiss:) Now my question is, Is it normal for him to be nipping (playing)? I tell him NO all the time and all he keeps doing is trying to nip again. Then when I really yell he starts to lick! Is that normal? And will he grow out of it? I also grab a chew toy when he does that so he knows that its wrong. I hope that he doesn't start to bite. :shock:
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It's perfectly normal puppy behaviour. They are teething and that involves on your hands and arms and clothing. All pups are like this, nothing to be worried about.
When he bites, start now and stick a chewtoy in his mouth. Instead of just saying "NO!" just stick a toy in his mouth and sooner or later he will get the picture.
Puppies bite, it's what they do. It isn't a problem unless they are trying to hurt you. It's up to you what level of play biting you are willing to accept. Cram a toy in their mouth when they start in. It will become the surrogate "you" for chewing on.
Making up...

he's probably licking you just to tell you that he's sorry and couldn't help it.
Thanks!!! He also tries to get my older dog who is a black lab mut. Its the funniest thing to watch because she doesn't want too play and all he does he nip at her and bark and wag his tail! What great pets Pit Bulls make. Everytime I see him my heart melts:) :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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