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I think it finally came out in him....

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...Chapps' aggression towards other dogs.

He is a pitbull and dog agression is totally expected, but he was always fine with other dogs. He's never liked unneutered males but other then that never really had a problem. The dogs were boarded from Sat-Tues and every day they get playtime and walks and the people who work there (who are very pitbull friendly) said Holly was out running with the other dogs and was great but Chapps was really iffy...they actually had to keep him away most of the time. Today my hubby took the doggies for a quick run and a man with his husky came up and asked if our dogs were okay to smell each other, and we said yeah sure, not knowing, and Chapps growled and totally lunged at the dog.
He loves Holly, they are playing right now, couldn't ask for a closer duo, and he loves my SIL's puppy...but maybe he has now turned on most other dogs. He is 16 months and is sexually mature now, so I guess I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Chapps doesn't go to dog parks nor plays with other dogs (except Holly or my SIL's pup) so I don't really have to worry. He's my baby, dog aggressive or not.
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Yup don't worry about dog aggression comes with the bully breeds! Do you think it was because he spent time being boarded? He might have been overwhelmed a bit by it.
it just takes some minor adjustments on how you deal with day to day events. i have (seems like) always had dog aggressive dogs and i have no problem with it.
As long as you know he's dog aggressive and meet the needs of that things should be fine.

Sam and Storm play together and love each other, but I know Storm would attack any other dog even a puppy if given the chance, so she's never given that chance.

It means being more aware when walking your dog and making sure you have strong equipment on them, never letting another dog approach (though a loose dog makes that difficult).
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