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This morning, he jumped in bed with us, layed on his back and started smacking for attention as he always does. I noticed something didnt look right with his left arm, he wasnt extending it all the way. I lifted his arm and underneath, right in the armpit area he has a water blister the size of a quarter!

It is just barely red,more of a pink, but the water blister is huge. It was draining alittle because I saw the fur around it looked wet.

Obviously, it is something like a sting or a bite of some sorts. He is feeling ok, no temperature or puking or anything. I have noticed quite a few wolf spiders coming out of our pool cage lately, they do every year this time, and many bees all of a sudden.

Usually those dogs go to the vet for even looking at me crosseyed, but the vet cannot see him today!

I had to run this morning, but I told hubby to kinda get a towel and maybe pick him up under the arms or hold it tight under the arm so that we can try to drain it, then we can clean it.

Like with children, it needs to dry up. What do you suggest using?
Peroxide maybe to clean it first, like on a q-tip or something. Then when clean, on kids we use hydracortisone creme to dry it, but I dont think thats good for a dog!

Maybe go to the beach so that the salt water can dry itout??

I dunno, but I do know the vet is getting sggrevated because when I call I demand my baby is most important and get him right in!!Lol, not really, but I do insist he comes right in!

There are no other good vets around, I swear there is one I guarantee would rule it cancer and remove his arm!!he does that to everybody!

Anyway, please help, I dont want it getting worse!
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