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I took the pups for their final shots on Friday. I took them to a different vet, because they were having a special reduced vaccination program, and after the last few couple hundred dollar visits, I figured I could use a break and took them here.

Well, I needed their nails clipped because I thought we were going to show on Saturday. What a big freakin to do ! The pups love people, so they are rolling and kissing frantically when they were trying to clip nails, tails wagging, butts wagging.
I had control over Cato and my mom had Chocy.

I saw the lady give Cato his two shots, one w/ regular vaccs and the other being rabies. I didnt see them do Chocy. My mom, when it was over with, said she only saw the vet give Chocy one shot. I asked the vet and she insisted she gave them both, 2 shots each. The vet assistant only brought one rabies tag, so I asked again..................again she insisted she gave Chocy two as well, and sent her to ge another tag.

I dont feel comforatble with this. I sincerelly do not think she gave Chocy his rabies. There was commotion with the nail clipping, they were a rush~rush attitude, I am worried.

Can he go get another one so soon?Or do I wait a few months??I dont want him catching rabies, we have wild **** and opossum in our yard at night, what if???

Ill never settle for second best again, that is for sure.
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