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Perhaps ask your breeder for suggestions for appropriate and compatible pedigrees. When breeding for show stock, (or any responsible breeding program that is working toward a goal, really) it is common to line breed to reinforce and cement the good qualities of that line. Your breeder will know the pedigrees of the dogs he/she has produced, and will very likely recommend either a dog of their breeding, or an outcross of another pedigree line that will compliment AND IMPROVE the b-witch you have.

I have a show Giant Schnauzer, and it is good to hear of another show dog not fighting for its championship as a puppy. So many structural faults and defects, health and inherited problems do not manifest untill the dog is older. There are MANY show dogs that would be minus a championship in conformation had they waited untill the dog was mature, but.... they want the right to breed the dog/stud the dog, or just have an inferior dog bolster a pedigree.

Good for you. I'm not showing my girl till she's about 2.5 years... only about a year to go for us till she makes her debut. She was a beautiful puppy, and is growing into a beautiful dog. Everyone will know that my dog is exactly what she appears to be when she finishes at the ripe old age of 3!!

Good luck with your Frenchie
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