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Im new and i don't know what type of bull i have

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Hi there,
I got my pup from a horror story.
she was found by the spca in an appartment with 16 other bull-type dogs, she was 3 weeks old and the mother most likely had beend killed in the appartment along with other dead bull's.

Problem is, we don't know what type of bull she is.
Some say she is a mix between a bull terrier and a apbt, others point towers a Argantino dogo..
I was wondering if i posted a pic if you could point me towards the good answer :)

on a side note, i noticed on some pictures i took of her, that instead of having red-eyes from the flash, she got clear blue eyes from a flash.. Is that normal?

Oh, and my name is JP and i live in montreal Quebec (canaduh :p ) im 29 and work for a telecom company.
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Very pretty lil girl! I would have to guess a bit American Bull, she looks a lot like my boy. Thank you for rescuing her from that horror. You won't regret having her they are great dogs!
jazz said:
i am a very proud daddy for sure :)

she is soo good, with humans and with other dogs.

now if only the humans would stop being scared of her.. i mean, look at her face :D
And you should be a proud daddy, it will take time but with her face who couldn't fall in love with her!
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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