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Hi There People....Great Site......
I've had a little read on the forms and there is some great stuff to read always about other peoples quotes and intrests..
I recently Bought a AB as you call it here lool...His Name is FOOTZ ...His a scott bread, His black with white legs and paws and a white side of his face...I was told that Black AB's are not a desired colour in the breed...But i looked everywhere to find a darker color one as i didn't want a white dog to be totally honest ...Well i came across him at topdrive kennels http://topdrives.co.uk/
His a Fantastic Little terra that has joint my family ..Best thing thats happen to me in a while..
He was toilet trained within 36 hours of me having him..His been a diamond ..I got him at 8 weeks old ..But i've been trying to find a good Website up until now and i thought this was a great one to join ....His now 13 weeks......
This is Footz !!!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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