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Diva my harlequin Great Dane passed on today.

She had early stages of kidney failure, so I had planned to take her with me when I visited my cousin. She never really cared for the traveling, but I know she would've prefered to be with me.

I left this morning for band practice and got a phone call from my mother around 10:30 and he told me Diva had been sick and that I needed to come home.

I came home and she slowly got off the couch, wagging her tail. She had waited for me to come home, so she could go.

We walked outside together and we laid down in the grass. I held her so tight in my arms, and just told her how much I loved her. Withen moments she left me.

Her last moments were in my backyard, on a sunny, securely in my arms with my face pressed against hers, exactly where she wanted to be.

I'll never in my life meet another dog like her, a perfect ambassador for the breed. She's now romping around with her brother.

Diva - 1998 - 2006
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