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1st picture is cute... when baylee was still tiny... India looks like she doesn't know what to think of the rolly polly thing in front of her lol

2nd picture looks like they're running out of room in that bed!

3rd & 4th India looks irritated like "hey ma, how about you stop taking pictures and get this pup off of me! can't you see i'm tryin to relax"

5th picture India looks soo pretty in it, thick but a sweetheart

6th picture... watchdog... look out!

7th pic... "mmm baylee that bone for me?"

8th pic.... is cute with them playin... India's had enough, she's not taking it anymore!

9th picture i love how they have their own large bed!

and the last picture.... Baylee is soo cute, reminds me of Fatboy Nox running, they get so close to the grownd, i'm always waiting for a peel out lol

great pics! thanks for sharing!
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