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Introducing jake to the photo family

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Jake playing tug-o-war in the dog park next to Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome... it was a great time... he loves the ropes.

that is jake in his Dj: pitboss outfit

and with his favorite ball
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Man, hes awesome. I want him. He looks like he has such a personality.
thanks... he does.. he really believes he is human ...LOL
He is awesome, he is sure in good shape for his age.
he looks like he is in shape.wow.he is a nice looking dog.
ha ha i LOVE that you can see Passions on the tv in the background of that picture - you a big "soap fan" or is that Jake?? HA HA
bodazafa said:
ha ha i LOVE that you can see Passions... HA HA
I think it's "That 70's Show."

BTW, handsome dog! Are you twirling Jake around like a helicopter blade?!
thanks for the compliments

I am a Girl....hehehh.... that is jakes dad the day they had their macho encounter and wanted to play rough to see who has more testosterone or muscle... noone won. they were both exhausted the next day... but came out of the game respecting and loving each other... i cant pick jake up he is 80 pounds, and he plays very nicely with me and any other women..he dosent even pull when a girl is taking him for a walk ..isnt that something. he is very gentle with women and children and loves to play rough with men... the thinks they are toys.. he doesnt understand that some of them can actually be affaid of him..LOL. he just brings the toy put it infront of then an looks at them like "lets go" ...... so funny

PS: its the 70's show.....bodazafa you got busted!!!!
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Aboza I just noticed that you live in Miami Florida. Where in Miami are you? Angelmommy and I live in Kendall. It would be really cool if we all could meet. Well at least people meet because Moose and Jake are males and unaltered and who knows what would happen. Angel is female so she has no problem. Just a thought.
Nice looking doggie! He is a cutie!
Miami meeting...

i would love to meet... i live in Coral Gables. and i agree that the males should definatly not meet. but maybe the female and jake could get along...who know maybe even we can get along...hahahah...just joking ..but it would be nice to meet sometime... i will be out for a week on christmast but maybe after the holidays......happy holidays ...Alex
Jake is gorgeous. I love his color. He looks like a sweety, too.
Alex, Sounds good to me. I will get in touch with Justine (she has Angel the female dog) and maybe we all can meet. I love metting people that are on the board. Jake looks like a cool dog and would love to meet him too. Will post aqfter the holidays and we will make plans. Happy Holidays to you and your family both 2 aqnd 4 legged.
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that sounds great so i will see you guys after the holidays...
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